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Animation of the basic design of our system.

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Video showing how fast

and easy it is to install.


Intro to innovative storage solutions for sportbike riders.

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I have been a sportbike rider since 1988.  For me, part of the fun of owning a bike is creating an even better bike - whether it is with a goal of improved tuning, increased functionality, or better looks (at least to my eyes).  I developed the Shrike Mounts system years ago while working on a wrecked Yamaha R1 that I was turning into a streetfighter.  I have been producing and perfecting the system for sportbikes ever since.   

Why the name Shrike Mounts?

The shrike is a bird known for its unique habit of impaling the bodies of its prey on thorns or barbed wire.  This behavior helps the shrike tear off bite-sized portions of its meal.  It also provides a convenient way to store the food so the shrike can return to it later.  Our design is similar.  Mount our receiver to your luggage (or whatever you'd like to carry), and then slide it onto our peg.  It's an easy way to spear your gear - or your lunch - until you're ready to remove it.

Shrike prey pic.png
Great grey shrike.
Photo:  Marek Szczepanek  / CC-BY-SA-3.0

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Shrike Mounts System

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Blackbird Dynamics, LLC

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Blackbird Dynamics, LLC is a provider of motorcycle products including the Shrike Mounts™ system.

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Product: Shrike Mounts Saddlebag Mounting System

US Patent Number 8,646,669

Other Patents Pending including US Application Number 13/998911


Intellectual property and patents owned by Blackbird Dynamics, LLC may be available for sale or license.

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